Facade Refurbishment


Our design is mainly oriented around the facade proportions designed by Prof. Hanns Dustmann, which we are restoring under adherence to EnEV 2009. To achieve the precision and delicacy of the facade in a modern and sustainable building material, we chose an aluminium composite sheet with mineral filling for the cornices and pilasters, because this permits sharp-edged corners and precise cuts without needing overly high construction depths. The entire facade is back-ventilated and the facade and roof are insulated with mineral fibre.


All existing window structures were removed, the concrete was refurbished and the new window elements in a wood construction were installed with a front-mounted aluminium shell.


The proportion and the opening wing were derived from Dustmann’s proportions and give the building its lightness and fineness back through their scaled depths.


Building Shell

Dedicated in 1956, this office building for the health insurer Barmer Ersatzkasse was designed by Prof. Hanns Dustmann. It stands on a plateau in the Barmer Anlagen, a public park for residents of Barmen in Wuppertal.


The main building shell, a 7-storey high-rise, is oriented on a north-south axis such that the views through the park in north-south direction – thus from the valley to the slope – are blocked as little as possible.



At the time we began our work, a number of shell lime tiles had already fallen from the facade, because the black anchors were corroded. The surface of the shell lime was also badly weathered.

  • Project Info

    Client: Wupperverband Körperschaft des Öffentlichen Rechts

    Location: Wuppertal

    Facade Surface Area: 3,800 m²

    Team aib: Markus Wessels (Project Management), Kai-Uwe Lompa, Roland Schmidt, Dimosthenis Dassios (deceased)

    aib Services: HOAI 1-9, General Planning, Facade


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