VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

New Development of VDI-Haus

Initial Situation

Joint studies by agiplan and aib have shown that the headquarters of VDI in Düsseldorf, which were built in the 60s, no longer meet the demands of their staff and the economic requirements. Against this backdrop a new building will be erected in the Airport City area of Düsseldorf Airport for all members of VDI staff based in Düsseldorf.



In order to implement the set project objectives regarding function, quality, cost, and deadlines, aIB conducts the entire project management for the new building.


Project Steps

The project management by aib covers all project steps: Planning, preparation for implementation, and execution including commissioning the VDI building. Furthermore, alB selected a suitable team of architects by organising multiple tenders.



The importance of VDI as a leading association for engineers, the large number of different users within the group, special technical and legal demands of the location and the challenging architecture of Petzinka Pink architects require a high degree of organisation, technical and economic coordination as well as cost management.



Scheduling and progress control are indispensable means to reach the project objectives. The time schedule was designed and monitored with classical tools such as network-supported flowcharts. Moreover, a condensed organisational manual designed by aib before the launch of the project quickly provides all relevant information, which facilitates the cooperation as well as the communication of all project members. aib initiated a internet-based project management platform that contains all current plans, documents and information for fast access and complete follow-up. Being a pro-active advisor, alB did not only prepare decisions but also gave clear recommendations when it came to questions on building, planning and building laws.

  • Project Info

    Client: VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure GmbH

    Location: Düsseldorf

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 17,500 m²

    Team aib: Oliver Keil, Philippe Vernin, Stefan Siegert, Karsten Schulte

    aib Services: Project Management

    All Stages of Architectural Design

    Organisation and Implementation of the Tendering

    Design: Petzinka Pink Architekten


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