Study of Revitalization - National Cultural Heritage of the Steel Site “Dolní oblast Vítkovice“

Overall Concept

The feasibility study has two objectives. On the one

hand it shows the urban development potentials

for the former coal and steel location. On the other

hand it tries to determine the chances of alternative uses of the heritage-protected architecture within the framework of a sustainable urban development concept. The feasibility study develops the overall urban concept “City of Parks“.

The planning of the “City of Parks” compensates for

the great shortage of recreation sites in the surrounding area. It overcomes the poor accessibility to the landscape along the river. The concepts “Bürgerpark” (Citizens’ park) and “FuturePark” demonstrate the potential urban development and outline the further use of the heritage-protected objects.





Evaluating Subsequent Uses

The concept of re-using the buildings demanded a

detailed observation of the individual elements of

the cultural monument. Three important features

regarding the preservation of the monument were

examined and analysed: The documentation of the

historical process chain “coal – coke - iron”, the

value of the of historical industrial architecture, and

the importance of the monument for the overall

appearance of the city. In a parallel process the

structures of the monument were examined from

a functional point of view regarding a possible


  • Project Info

    Client: Vítkovice a. s.

    Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic

    Site Size: approx. 20 hectares

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Boris Pütter, Karsten Wiedehage

    aib Services: Feasibility Study


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