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The building of new laboratories in the campus area on the Gutfleischstraße came about in the context of expansion of study capacities for the Faculty 04 - KMUB of the Technical University Mittelhessen. Laboratories, offices and service spaces are available to teaching staff and students in the three-storey building with the dimensions 22.5 x 17.1 m and a height of 12 m. The constructive grid dimension of 3.6 m and  the storey height of 3.75 m are derived from its use as laboratory. To avoid tremors with frequent use of microscopes, the load-bearing structure was designed as a solid prefabricated reinforced concrete construction.





Modular construction and energy efficiency

With a high degree of prefabrication, this system also allows rapid construction and high economy in use.

Based on a Cabinet Decree of the State Government of Hessen with regard to the energy efficiency of buildings, the standards of the Energy Efficiency Ordinance (EnEV 2009) were bettered by 50%. The cladding of the ventilated facade was realised in large-format laminate panels. hbm and aib were able to hand over the building to the THM on 30.09.2014 after only 8 months of construction time including the laboratory installations.

hbm Hessisches Baumanagement

New Laboratory Building in Modular Construction, Campus TH Mittelhessen

  • Project Info

    Client: hbm Hessisches Baumanagement Regionalniederlassung Mitte

    Location: Gießen

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 1,154 m²

    Construction Costs: 2.25 million EUR

    Team aib: Philippe Vernin, Bernd Vetter, Roland Schmidt

    aib Services: General Planning (LP 1-8)

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