Competition, Test Centre for Gas Turbines


To permit a smooth flow of traffic and avoid crossing the rivers, truck deliveries will be separated from visitor and employee traffic. Whilst the truck entrance is to the west of the hall, visitors to the centre park in the east. The main entrance is at the same time the access point for employees and customers and will have a representative foyer extending over two floors with a leisure zone in the upper floor. Situated at the southeast corner of the building, it is visible and easy to reach from the entire facility.



The interior is marked by a backbone in the central axis of the building, through which all main media to supply the systems will be routed. Along that axis on the ground floor will be a footpath shielded from the transport routes, from which all areas of the building can be reached quickly. On the upper level is a visitor and inspection gallery with a view over the facilities.


aib was invited as general planner to take part in a competition for the planning of a test centre for gas turbines. The centre will accommodate all testing carried out by the international company in one central building in Dahlewitz.



The design alludes to the defining notions of the brand, which builds on the trilogy of Tradition, Present and Future. The building consists of three structures which in their different materials woven with one another form one unit. Each volume stands for a corporate value. The solid concrete base stands for the tradition on which the company is based. The metallic production hall reflects the present whilst the reflective office section with its conference rooms symbolises the trends of the future.

  • Project Info

    Tenderer: Rolls-Royce

    Location: Dahlewitz

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 7,000 m²

    Construction Costs (excl. process media):
    9.8 million EUR net

    Team aib: Philippe Vernin,  Pieter F. den Haan, Robert Meyer-Pyritz

    aib Services: Competition Design as General Planner



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