U3 Program

Within the context of the expansion in care places promoted by the federal government and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for children from the age of one, the Real Estate Management Agency of the City of Duisburg (IMD) engaged aib for the renovation and expansion of in total five child day care centres. The first project in the Gartsträucherstraße in Duisburg-Meiderich is now complete and has already been occupied.


Energy renovation

Besides the building of the new U3 places, the existing sections of the building are, where necessary, being renovated in energy terms to the standards of the EnEV 2009 (Energy Saving Ordinance).


Planning law, Gartsträucherstraße

The Gartsträucherstraße day care centre is situated in the area of a zoning plan and can be extended as provided for there.



A new building connects the existing building of the day care centre with the premises of a neighbouring, disused evangelical community centre. The L-shaped new building closes off the plot to the south. Connecting the three buildings creates a protected inner courtyard. The complex of buildings thus created will be used in the future as a child day care centre and a family centre. The latter is situated, besides new rooms for the day care centre, in the former community centre and can be reached via its own entrance.





Former community centre

The present community centre was built in the 1960’s by the Duisburg architect, Lothar Kallmeyer, and consisted of a communal hall and a community centre. Through various partial renovations in recent decades, the original architectural structure of the building has been heavily masked. aib restored the neglected saddle roofs in order to reveal the original architectural idea again.


Connecting new building

The L-shaped new building connects the two existing buildings of the day care centre in both aesthetic and functional terms with that of the former community centre. The height of the new building is oriented around that of the porch of the community centre to which the connecting building links. The group rooms can be identified by higher, projecting, cubes in the facade. This leap in height cites Kallmeyer’s design with the high communal hall and the surrounding community centre and lends the long building a harmonic rhythm. The cubes create skylights that allow light to flood into the group rooms from the south, so the children can also experience the course of the sun and the change of the seasons in the building. Through the connection and reorganisation of the three buildings, the day care centre gets a new main entrance. The rooms are connected via the Nombericher Platz to the south of the former community centre. The internal foyer connects the three buildings with one another such that the group rooms face the north and thus permit direct access to the protected inner courtyard. Besides group rooms, the new day care complex also offers ancillary rooms, dormitories and service rooms as well as a utility room.


IMD Immobilienmanagement der Stadt Duisburg

Renovation and Extension of Child Day-Care Centre Gartsträucherstraße

  • Project Info

    Client: IMD, Real Estate Management Department of the City of Duisburg

    Location: Gartsträucherstraße, Duisburg

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 2,230 m²

    Construction Costs: 4.0 million EUR

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Gülcan Cermik, Manfred Loges, Mirko Päth, Karsten Schulte, Waltraud Mühlhoff, Bernd Vetter

    aib Services: HOAI 1-9


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