SGE Stüdemann-Grundbesitz-Entwicklung

Development Study

District Enhancement in Dialogue

The city centre of Duisburg is undergoing a transformation. Because of the major projects of CityPalais and Forum, the retail focal point on the extended pedestrian zone has shifted out of the “Altstadt” towards the east. aib was engaged on the initiative of the SGE to prepare an integral study for stabilisation and further development of the Münzstraße in the “Altstadt”. Together with the landscape architects, FSWLA, and the traffic planners from Planersocietät, aib facilitated a planning process in dialogue with the city council, the private sector and the owners, which culminated in an action plan.






Development Concept for the Bridgeheads

The development concept is based on the fact that, with the restructuring and redesign of the outmost connecting zones, the so-called “bridgeheads” (Calaisplatz and Steinsche Gasse), as well as defined measures to enhance a central zone, the Münzplatz, the areas between them can also be upgraded step by step.


Design Concept, Diversity in Unity

The recommended model of Diversity in Unity (see illustration above) is based on the analysis findings of too much heterogeneity and disorder in the public spaces, especially in the lead up to retail use. Besides the recommendation to define design rules (e.g. for facade colours, canopies and awnings), design concepts were developed for the partial spaces of the bridgeheads with consideration for traffic aspects.


  • Projektinfo

    Client: SGE Stüdemann-Grundbesitz-

    Entwicklung GmbH

    Location: Münzstraße, Duisburg
    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Gordon Hoffmann, Francois J. Lallemand
    aib Services: Urban Planning Study

    Cooperation: FSWLA, Planersocietät


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