aib Architects, Engineers and Urban Planners offer principals a complete package of services for planning, controlling and realising complex building tasks – from the first project sketch to commissioning.

aib Architecture. General Planning. Project Management.

General Planning

aib General Planners are the central point of contact for planning and realisation. They master the technical complexity of major projects and offer the principal simple and transparent structures for the planning and building process.

Project Management

aib Project Managers are proactive. They create relief for the principal even under high time, costs and quality pressure. Businessmen always have sight of the costs and keep a grip on their return on investment. This architectural consulting thus always safeguards the interests of the principal.

aib has stood for building culture and architectural quality in realising innovative worlds of work for over 15 years now. Our expertise is in future-capable, energy and ecologically optimised industrial and office buildings – across Germany and the whole world.

BSE Planning

The experienced team of planners from aib tec develops integrated building services equipment for complex projects – with all of the necessary functions for the people who work in these and the production processes. Project-specific teams guarantee comprehensive support for the building project: from efficient planning, its realisation to budget and on time, right through to its cost-effective operation.

aib tec

aib tec is the new company for building services equipment, advisory and engineering services. Together with aib, it offers state-of-the-art, integrated planning and building – from conceptual design, through planning, right down to responsibility for realising the building tasks with which it is entrusted.


Every project starts with far-sighted expert advice. Together with the owner(s), aib tec develops an idea through the concept stage to a solution that is ripe for implementation. Integrated methods in project planning and the latest planning techniques are used. Each building project is optimised for long-term sustainability through the phases of preparation, structuring and organisation as well as project management and project supervision.


The engineers and specialist planners at aib tec develop an overall concept with numerous synergy effects for the owner(s) as a technical services provider. Integrated planning teams combine integral engineering and architectural competence with extensive electrical and electronic know-how. Individual solutions are developed for a variety of complex tasks – from engineering services for the kindergarten round the corner through to large international industrial projects.

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    Architecture and Engineering Services

    in all Service Phases

    - Property planning and planning of extensions to create more space

    - Lighting design

    - Outdoor facility design


    General Planner Services

    - Design of load-bearing structures

    - Design of building technical systems

    - Design of traffic and infrastructure facilities

    - Fire protection technical consulting

    - Building physical consulting


    Project Management

    - Technical and financial representation for principals

    - Project control

    - Tendering strategy, running tender procedures

    - Building management



    - Project development

    - Project organisation

    - Office concepts and furniture planning

    - User needs planning

    - GreenBuilding - Consulting per DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council)


    Urban Design Services

    - Master planning

    - Plant development planning

    - Site and market analyses

    - General development planning


    Plant Design

    - Plant structure design

    - Layout design

    - Final design


    Refurbishment Planning

    - Fire safety

    - Historical contamination

    - Demolition


    BSE Planning

    - Wastewater, water, gas facilities

    - Heat supply facilities

    - Ventilation systems

    - High-voltage systems

    - Telecommunications and IT systems

    - Conveyor systems

    - Equipment for specific uses

    - Building automation

    - Fire alarm systems (TÜV-certified, DIN 14675)



    - Thermal requirement calculations

    - Piping calculations

    - Load flow and short-circuit current calculations

    - Selectivity check

    - Expert opinions within the scope of the TA

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