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KÖ 19 New Office Building and Business Address


In accordance with the criteria of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) the building will achieve a Gold certificate.


Art on the Building Site Competition

Just before completion of the shell at the end of 2012, the decision went to the design by Cologne artist Heike Weber. The jury were especially impressed by the integration of the outdoor and indoor spaces and the planned positioning of her work at the side, which visually grips visitors to Königsallee West. The work takes the space for itself and climbs the impressive height of almost nine meters in the entrance area with ease. The additional integrated LED lighting promises a richly facetted work of art.




KÖ-West is the study that analyses the revitalization of the KÖ 19, proposing the replacement of the decrepit existing structure by a modern and high quality building.


Office Building and Business Address

On the ground floor and first floor level (mezzanine), a Nespresso Flagship Store is situated with a total surface of 1.000 m². From the second floor onwards, the neighbouring HSBC-Trinkaus-Bank has settled.



In compliance with the monumentally structured façade of the neighbouring KÖ 17, a multi-layered built-up of yellow Jurassic limestone was chosen for the façade of KÖ 19. The classically perforated façade of the upper stories opens at ground floor and first floor level towards the famous Königsallee (Kings Alley).


  • Project Info

    Client: RMA Real Estate Management Assistance GmbH

    Location: Düsseldorf

    Gross Floor Area: 4,200 m²

    Costs (estimated): 7 million EUR

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Nicole Domogalla, Robert Meyer-Pyritz, Michael Blank, Bernd Vetter, Philippe Vernin (DGNB)

    aib Services: Architectural Design, HOAI 1-5, DGNB Consultant



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