Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis

Integrated Commercial Space Concept

Against the background of the difficult topography and the changes in demand for commercial space due to the economic structural transformation, the district council is seeking to develop a commercial space concept to cover all the communities. Given the obvious information deficits concerning the space available and its quality, aib was engaged together with agiplan GmbH and GEWOS to develop a basis of information in the form of an expert opinion.





Create Working Basis

From statistical data and a survey of the local councils and trade associations, the surveyors developed a location analysis as the first step. Building on that, strength-weakness profiles were drawn up for the individual towns and communities. The development potential as a result was discussed with the local councils in a workshop. In a third step, a precise market analysis of the stock of space provided an overview of the commercial space supply available.


Develop Strategies

The implications of various development scenarios for the commercial space on offer and the future needs were documented and balanced out. Besides the stock and the spaces being planned, additional space potential was revealed based on the topographical situation, utility connections and position in the area.


  • Projekt Info

    Client: Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis

    Location: Bergisch-Gladbach

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Heinz-Günter Lang, Christof Nellehsen, Karsten Wiedehage

    aib Services: Location Analysis, Strength-Weakness Analysis, Market Analysis, Stock Registration, Commercial Spaces, Commercial Space Concept



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