Extension of the QVC Headquarters

QVC Campus

The term “Campus“ stands for the dynamic and confident presence of the teleshopping company at the media location in Düsseldorf. The task of aib was to enhance the location on Plockstraße. In addition to a functional upgrading the overall design was to be refined.


QVC Platform

This term describes the demand for high flexibility on the floor areas of the administration building and also for a versatile and exciting work environment. aib responded to these requirements with the concept of a large, open column-free space. The so-called communication tubes are the supporting cores which house the stairs, small kitchens, toilets etc.



QVC Transparency

Short ways to internal decision makers and a transparent and modern appearance are the most prominent features of QVC’s company policy. Consequently, we have surrounded the building with glass walls on all sides. The static system of the columns is integrated into the facade.


QVC Boulevard

The boulevard is the backbone of the internal urban development of the QVC Campus. From here visitors are led through the buildings. Teleshopping experiences are simulated without disturbing the normal course of business.

  • Project Info

    Client: QVC Deutschland

    Location: Düsseldorf

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 6,300 m²

    Construction Costs: 9.0 million EUR

    aib Team: Philippe Vernin, Christof Nellehsen, Pieter Frans den Haan, Stephanie Marquardt, Michael Blank, Celia Lauer, Nicole Domogalla,

    Constanze Beer, Frank Wieschemann

    aib Services: General Planning


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