Communication Center

The Task

QVC, one of the leading electronic retailers requested aib to develop a new prototype of a communication center. During a short coordination period with the client, a flexible and intelligent building concept was developed with high technical standards to meet the client’s requirements. The building accommodates the Bochum Call Center offices, a training center and the central IT department.


Architectural Requirements

The client’s demands required sophisticated architectural solutions: rooms to enhance communication, transparency and openness, flexibility in utilization of space, optimum lighting, compact structure and optimum constant workplace conditions.


General Building Requirements

To meet the general requirements, following deci-sions were made: full air-conditioning and ventilation of the building, large windows along the facade, exterior sun screens and anti-glare shades concept, spacious offices and double-floors for electronic wiring on all building levels.






The Facade

The outside perspective is characterized by a mounted, external sun protection system in lamella form. In combination with balconies and the internal glare protection it provides a perfect computer related working environment. The partly full-height double-glazed window wall systems and insulated panels represent high industry stand-ards and supplement the modern facade concept. The building’s slender facade design convinces with bright, excellent interior spaces and consequently epitomizes the demands of contemporary workplaces.



The communication center was developed based on a construction team procedure. After only three months of project preparation (acquisition/procurement of landsite, obtaining building permits, predesign), building construction (10,000 m² ground space) started and was completed in a record time of nine months to be handed over to the client on time. The building shell structure consists entirely of prefabricated components (including parts of the foundations) and was erected in eight weeks.



  • Project Info

    Client: QVC Deutschland

    Location: Bochum

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 10,500 m²

    Construction Costs: 16.0 million EUR

    Team aib: Pieter F. den Haan, Jens Tänzel, Bernd Weiss, Richard Lieschke, Uwe Jobs, Silvia Giesen, Oliver Claußen, Philippe Vernin

    aib Services: General Planning, Site Management, Project Management


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