Pyramids Industrial Parks Cairo

Master Plan Concept

Working Internationally a Matter of Course

As part of an initiative of the Egyptian Ministry of Trade & Industry, a series of industrial and business parks was to be created under private-sector management across the country. Based on its experience in numerous countries worldwide, aib has taken on various planning tasks for the investor consortium PI Parks (Pyramids Industrial Parks).


Setting standards

The master plan Industria West serves as a prototype for a park concept which is innovative for Egypt and creates recognisable planning and concept standards for PI Parks. The goal is to bring high-quality sites to the market which, besides location quality and a complete range of technical infrastructure, offer further services in a contemporary urban structure down to integration of residential functions.



Designing in a Team

The programme elements were systematically worked out in workshops with the assistance of the client and a local planning team. The result is an urban compressed space structure developed around a central green area.


This central park unites the industrial areas with the higher-quality commercial functions and the spaces reserved for residential use. This green space, which also serves as a buffer zone, accommodates all public and representative functions such as services, catering, shopping opportunities etc. As an urban figure, this space in the area of the main utilities opens up widely to the outside world, so the industrial park does not appear hermetically sealed despite the usual fencing required locally.

  • Project Info

    Client: PI Parks

    Location: Egypt

    Surface Area: 2 x approx. 100 ha

    Costs: No information

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Martin Linge, Gülcan Cermik, Robert Meyer-Pyritz

    aib Services: Concept planning

    Cooperation: Project-S, Berlin

Pyramids Zona Franca

Master Planning

Spanish-Egyptian Joint Venture

The Egyptian investment consortium Pyramids Industrial Parks, together with the Spanish company, el consorci from Barcelona, is developing industrial and commer-cial spaces northeast of Cairo as part of an initiative of the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry. aib has developed a master plan for a 200 hectare site for this joint venture.





Developing Concepts further

Building on the concept that aib developed for PI Parks in 2008, the concept of the central park to accommodate prestigious service functions and room for recuperation for this major industrial park, in particular, has proven itself as a planning strategy. Urban main roads, which will be created in the form of avenues, connect from several sides to the central park in this industrial site.


International Standard and site-specific Requirements

Based on workshops developed by aib for similar projects, the program elements were systematically developed in this project, too, with the involvement of the client and a local planning team. Site-specific requirements, above all, were taken into account thereby. Besides the requirement that the site has to be fenced in, aspects like infrastructure to be designed largely autonomously down to driving styles (be-cause of which as many T-junctions as possible are advisable) characterise the planning.

  • Project Info

    Client: PI Parks

    Location: Egypt

    Period: 2010-2011

    Surface Area: 200 ha

    Costs: No information

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Martin Linge, Robert Meyer-Pyritz

    aib Services: Master planning


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