Steering safely.



Production plants are (according to IPA) redesigned 3 times more frequently than only 10 years ago – in a quarter of the planning time.


aib Projektmanagement is an architectural consultancy firm. The team of aib consists not only of architects, engineers and urban planners. Commercial people keep a careful eye on the costs and control them for maximum return in every phase of the project. Because aib Projektmanagement steers and operates proactively. That facilitates a rapid and targeted response to changes in highly complex projects by adjusting the control processes as necessary. As an integral element of project teams that are becoming ever bigger, aib Projektmanagement facilitates and advises all team members in a highly motivated manner to arrive at a successful project. In doing so, we attach great value to fair dealings with one another. Only that way can we positively influence the performance of all involved in the project, because fairness and motivation are essential, especially under great time pressure.

So aib Projektmanagement safeguards the interests of the contract principal: To steer a successful project safely.



Lindt & Sprüngli

Good advice is valuable.


Advising from the outset in contract management and then during the entire realisation phase, on questions of construction management, controlling and conflict management, the principal benefits from complete architectural consulting.



If you have an eye on the costs, you see more: Profit opportunities.


To steer such a complex project profitably, you need experienced architects, engineers and commercial people. A trans-disciplinary team with high process competence.

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