Automobile Plant

Thinking as a Whole

Having workshops with our client meant that his wishes and our knowledge were intertwined at a very early stage. After producing a plant structure survey we designed an integration centre, assembly hall and outdoor infrastructure. Despite the short planning time our onsite support ensured that a high standard of work was achieved.


Just in Time Design

The components are put together in the assembly hall which is supplied by a works’ own goods railway via a tunnel. Production can be varied just in time to suit demand. In addition to this a complete production line on the works premises has been planned. However, as a first step we have only completed the final assembly stage.



Design with a Purpose

The administration and works canteen have been provided with the appropriate amount of space to suit their needs. With its upwardly tapering stilts and pools of light in the roof we have shown architectural boldness. Large spans enable flexible use.


Building the Image

The Cayenne stood as an ideal model for the Porsche plant. In accordance with its features, we designed extremely effective, creative and dynamic production sites which can be operated at varying speeds.

  • Project Info

    Client: Porsche AG

    Location: Leipzig

    Gross Floor Area (GFA):

    Building Phase I: 27,000 m²

    Building Phase II: 6,000 m²

    Team aib: Joachim Conrad, Bernd-Günter Weiss, Jürgen Braun, Sabine Gaida, Silvia Giesen, Christoph Glenk, Bernd Heukelbach, Richard Lieschke, Achim Reichert, Inge Reins, Frank D. Schubert

    aib Services: General Planning, Site Management

    Cooperation: Knoll Ökoplan

    Design: CEPEZED, Delft


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