Masterplan PEAK Industrial Park

Supporting Development

The PEAK Industrial Park is part of an urban development which is currently being started in the north west of the town of Almaty. Numerous domestic and international investors have already settled or secured land plots along the arterial road towards Astana.


High Quality Industrial and Logistics Park

A high quality industrial and logistics park is to be built on the 480 hectare area whose special layout is based on the development of the surrounding area. A broad spectrum of different types of land plots and a numerous range of services are to be offered.



Urban Development Approach

The spatial formation of the master plan follows an urban development approach which we have named archipelago concept. The whole area will be divided into four core zones – the so-called islands, each of which is surrounded by representative ring roads and developed as an industrial park section by section. The densely built areas alternate with the so-called satellites which form small modules in a high-class freely spatial environment along the areas flowing into the landscape. Thus, clear urbanistic shapes arise and the generous greening provides high quality for future working environments.


Archipelago Concept

The archipelago concept also refers to the technical power supply. From the rainwater drainage to a continuous combined heat and power generation the basic concept is based on a decentralised and self-contained power supply and waste management. The circulation systems of electricity, water, gas etc. will be realised as stable and to a large extent autonomous loops. In an environment in which the urban infrastructure can not serve the upcoming demands, a comparably economically optimised as well as ecologically sustainable and future-oriented industrial park will be formed.

  • Project Info

    Client: PEAK – Kazakhstan Kagazy

    Location: Almaty/Kazakhstan

    Site Size: 480.0 hectares

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Lars Seiler, Heinz-Günter Lang, Karsten Wiedehage

    aib Services: Urban Development Masterplan

    Cooperation: agiplan


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