Renovation of the Air-Conditioning Systems Museum Kunstpalast

The Museum

In 1998, the cultural and economic bodies in Düsseldorf created the foundation „Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast“. O.M. Ungers won the 1998 architectural contest for the new design of the Kunstpalast, which is a part of the Ehrenhof complex. The clinkered front designed by Wilhelm Kreis, which is also part of the complex, is under preservation and has been kept. Behind this façade lies a central entrance area from which you can get to the exhibition rooms, the Robert Schumann Hall and to the secondary functions. The proportions of the entrance area are similar to those in the draft made by Kreis. The exhibition areas have been designed to house in particular, modern art and modern sculptures. One of the two areas is a two-storey room for sculptures, the second room is more intimate and designed for paintings. Both rooms are additionally lit with natural daylight.


In 2005, aIB was commissioned to extend the ventilation systems in the museum “art palace” to a full air conditioning system for the whole exhibition area and to renovate the existing installation.


Structural Measures

The measures taken for the realisation of the new ventilating shaft and the redirection of the underground concrete canal were coupled with complex measures to secure the ground by using high pressure injections in order to create a building site free from groundwater.


Core themes of the structural changes due to the new RLT concept are:

-   Relocation of the underground RLT central office from the north to the south side of the building

-   Construction of an RLT underground department on the site of the so far RLT central office

-   Construction of a new shaft for the exhibition rooms on the south side of the foyer, covering five floors, from the basement up to the roof, with the necessary openings in the ceilings and floors

-   Construction of a new shaft for the exhibition rooms on the north side of the building, beginning at the roof and going down to the first floor (3rd level)

-   Realisation of a new air extraction shaft in the Ehrenhof, to the south of the main entrance, covering two levels with an opening going all the way to the new underground RLT central office

-   Construction of underground RLT stations in all exhibition rooms

-   Taking down and replacing of the ceilings and renovation of the ventilation technology in the exhibition rooms

  • Project Info

    Client: Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast

    Location: Düsseldorf

    Completion Part 1/Part 2: 09/05-03/06

    Construction Costs: 1.5 million EUR (excl: Mechanical and Engineering Work)

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Bernd G. Weiß, Roland Schmidt, Wolfgang Rasche, Remzija Reintjes

    aib Services: Planning, Tendering, Architectural Site Supervision



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