MEPLA-WERKE Lautenschläger

Expansion and Modernisation of the MEPLA-WERKE (now GRASS)

Mepla-Alfit in Reinheim

The plant in Reinheim was founded in 1965 as production site of the Karl Lautenschläger GmbH & Co. KG. After the takeover by the Würth Group in 1997, the plant concentrated on the production of hinge systems. Due to the fact that the planned increase in capacity could not be reached in the building erected in 1965, it was decided in 2005 to conduct a survey examining whether a new building on a new site or alternatively an expansion of the existing plant would create the necessary capacity and improvement in productivity. At the end of 2005, the decision was made in favour of enlarging the plant in Reinheim whilst also modernising the existing buildings and facilities.


Constructional Solution

Competitiveness is ensured by a new logistic concept including a clearly improved material flow. This demanded a new operational functions structure on the factory site. The storage areas and the pressure casting production have been placed in the planned annex. In order to integrate the new buildings into the production and logistic flow, they are located directly next to the existing halls. After the construction of the newly built area, machines and stocks could be moved without interrupting production. The existing facilities were renovated.

The legally binding land-use plan was altered for the planned development.

Function of the New Building

The planned annex will contain the pressure casting production and the storage area.

The production, which means the so-called pressure casting production, takes place in the three-aisled hall, which is directly connected to the existing production area. There is a central storage in the finished goods store. The input and output of goods takes place in the dispatch area. Social rooms and offices are placed at the end of the dispatch area on a higher level. The external wall of the hall and of the warehouse is made of trapezoidal sheet metal of in a light silvery-grey colour.


Urban Planning

aib will alter the current legally binding land-use plans as they do not meet the requirements of an industrial park.


  • Project Info

    Client: Mepla-Werke Lautenschläger GmbH & Co. KG (through admoVa Consulting GmbH)

    Buliding Volume: 57,000 m³

    Construction Costs: not specified

    Team aib: Philippe Vernin, Roland Schmidt, Remzija Reintjes, Richard Lieschke, Heinz-Günter Lang

    aib Services: General Planning, Construction Management, Alterations to the Legally Binding

    Land-Use Plan, Renovation of the Administration


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