MAN Energy Solutions (former MAN Diesel & Turbo)

Turbocharger Performance Center and Media Building

Highly complex planning for a visionary building

Based on an aib feasibility study, the Augsburg site of Man Diesel & Turbo SE is being extended by a unique building: the new to Turbocharger Performance Center (TPC) will be used to develop and test turborchargers for large diesel engines. Highly complex processes come together with a trend-setting test technology, thus helping to ensure the continued existence of the business division. As a general planner, aib and aib tec developed a bespoke architecture for the high requirements on the plant.





Bespoke infrastructure with BIM

One of the particular challenges when planning the Turbocharger Performance Center was the highly complex infrastructure inside the building. Combustion gases, oils, compressed air, electricity and other media are guided through a very extensive piping network. In order to be able to visualise and plan this network, the aib and aib tec rely on Building Information Modelling. The piping network model developed by MAN is hereby adapted to the three-dimensional model of the building inch-perfect. The complete digitisation of the planning data in the final planning phase led to greater accuracy and completeness, above all when planning the very extensive slots and breaches in this project. A lot more planning work would have been necessary without BIM.


Harmonious overall picture

aib also developed a convincing architectural solution for the specific requirements and processes of the Turbocharger Performance Center. The carefully detailed building of the compact hall fits in perfectly with the MAN design guidelines. An attractive and economically viable design was also realised for elements such as the entrances and traffic routes. Together with the new media building, which was also planned by aib, this results in a very harmonious overall picture.

  • Project Info

    Client: MAN Energy Solutions SE (former MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)

    Location: Augsburg

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 5,400 m²

    Team aib: Pieter F. den Haan, Philippe Vernin, Eveline Clemens-Wigger, Roland Schmidt, Georg Hahues, Marcin Ewý, Bin Yang, Gordon Hoffmann

    aib Services: General Planning

    aib tec Services: Adaptation of the room air and
    a/c technology: EE/BSE/I&C, planning services in the service phases 3-8, preparation of the design plans based on preliminary plans from a third-party planner; planning, tendering documents, contract award recommendations, site coordination and monitoring



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