MAN Diesel & Turbo

Paint Shop

Expanding Capacity During Operation

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE builds a new paint shop at

its Augsburg site. The production capacity of large

engines for marine and power plant applications is

being greatly expanded. The construction work was

carried out during operation and disruption to the

transport routes of the large engines to the testing

field and to other functions was not permitted.


Clear Lines in Corporate Design

The structure is a rectangle with a height of 13

metres in which the spraying functions are centralised. The compact building stands where an old warehouse building used to be and the densification creates new manoeuvring areas which are urgently needed.


The 1.200 m² large spraying plant accommodates

the three spraying booths required according

to the room-in-room principle. The south side of the building comprises a 3-storey interior structure with storage spaces, common rooms and offices. The rooms are situated above the spraying halls adjacent to open galleries. The carefully detailed steel shaft façade is transected by a vertical row of windows between the interior structure and the spraying hall. This creates a clear division of the functions and allows a view to the works yard from the galleries of the front section. The gates to the spraying cabins offer a colour contrast to the silver façade with their charcoal-grey frames. All the gates provide generous lighting to the hall due to their transparency.


Painting, Packing and Despatching

The three booths are equipped with gantry

cranes so that the components due to be

painted can be moved. After painting, the

components are conserved, packed and



By building a new painting centre the decentralised

painting sites can be concentrated

and brought in line with state-of-the-art

technology. Water treatment, re-use and working

areas in accordance with the German

Water Management Act (WHG) ensure a

pioneering production system.


Large engines can be cleaned, painted and

dried in two booths. The third facility is

designated for turbochargers and mounting

parts. This facility consists of one paint booth

and a dryer that follows.


The paint shop is situated within the dense

urban tissue of the MAN plant site and

replaces another building.


The open galleries that give acces to offices and lockerrooms allow for a view on the courtyard and the adjacent historical MAN buildings.

  • Project Info

    Client: MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

    Location: Augsburg

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 2,180 m²

    Costs: 2.36 million EUR

    Team aib: Pieter F. den Haan, Stefanie Marquardt, Roland Schmidt, Karsten Schulte, Christian Bergmann, Eveline Clemens-Wigger

    aib Services: General planning


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