Kaeser Kompressoren

Distribution and Spare Parts Centre with Administrative Offices

New Thinking

The permission procedure demanded a change in the development plan. The development concept will ensure a smooth operating workflow at the main location in the future. This is only possible through innovative planning beyond the permissible limits, with an open-minded client and cooperating authorities.


Demonstrating Quality

The basic concept is rooted in a functional separation of the individual production processes that are reflected in the individual, visually different buildings. The transparently designed conveyer bridge allows for an insight into logistics. The general concept illustrates the development of the traditionally successful Kaeser Compressor Company.

Hand in Hand

The world leader in compressor technology is expanding and optimizing its structure at its main location in Coburg. We worked on a complex system solution which accounts for an ambitious architectural plan as well as for the extensive logistic demands.


Step by Step

Precise planning allows existing plants to be expanded and re-used with care while operations continue. The internal material flow has been optimized and with a new building for a high rack warehouse a space-saving and expandable storage system was created. The new office building makes the coordination and execution of administrative tasks more effective because of its short distance to the production site.

  • Project Info

    Client: Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH

    Location: Coburg

    Building Volume: 487,061 m³

    Construction Costs: 9.0 million EUR

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Stefanie Marquardt, Rolf-Rainer Symhardt, Siegfried Dietlmeier, Nicole Domogalla, Berthold Fürst, Jürgen Groth, Markus Meyer, Waltraud Mühlhoff, Tatjana Pirc, Frank Schubert, Ulrich Wollförster

    aib Services: General Planning


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