Innenhafen Duisburg Entwicklungsgesellschaft

Competition, Steinsche Gasse

Revitalise the Old City

Based on the master-plan from Lord Foster for Duisburg city centre, aib’s design is pursuing the objectives of inner city compression and thus adding to the incomplete block building, intensifying the socio-economic mix in the city centre, greening the inner courtyards and building the profile of a new city district, the “Marienviertel”.



Restructuring Urban Planning

To achieve those goals, the Steinsche Gasse will be provided with 4- to 5-storey buildings following the street, which in urban planning terms responds on the one hand to the Hansahaus and the square being formed at the end of the Sonnenwall, into which the building bends at this point, follows the course of the Steinsche Gasse and here produces the main entrance into the medical centre as well as the entrance/passage into the inner courtyard of the block. On the other hand, the higher building volume of the row at this bend develops to articulate a head and, together with the Hansahaus, forms a gate-like entry situation into the city.


  • Project Info

    Tenderer: Innenhafen Duisburg Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

    Location: Duisburg

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 25,750 m²

    (incl. underground car park)

    Construction Costs: approx. 40 million EUR

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Stefanie Marquardt, Robert Meyer-Pyritz

    aib Services: General Planning


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