Helios Medical Centre

Conversion and New-build Helios Medical Centre

With over 3,000 patients, the Helios Medical Centre

needed a new home not far from the old praxis in the centre of Tegelen, near Venlo in the Netherlands. An empty and run-down factory offered surprising possibilities. The building was almost 100 years old and had seen many uses (incl. metal factory, printing shop, youth club) and, but for the space at the front, occupied the entire site with a two-storey front building and a hall behind it.




Whilst the front building could be used after renovation, the hall was in a bad state of repair and contaminated with asbestos and had, therefore, to be demolished. This offered the opportunity to provide for an inner courtyard at the back of the site to optimize the daylight penetration into the treatment rooms without sacrificing the required privacy.


The building volume was fit precisely between the

neighbouring buildings built up to the site boundary. In the interior, a light-green illuminated solitaire, in which utility rooms and labs are located, defines a spacious circulation area running around it, where the waiting room is also situated. All rooms of the surgery are connected by this circulation area.


The centre is heated sustainably with an air-to-air heat exchanger. That produces the hot water for the underfloor heating.

  • Project Info

    Client: Huisartspraktijk M. Mosdzien (NL)

    Location: Tegelen, the Netherlands

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): approx. 375 m²

    Costs: 400,000 EUR

    Team aib: Pieter F. den Haan, Nicole Domogalla, Robert Meyer-Pyritz, Gülcan Cermik

    Building Systems: Ing. Büro Paulus, Essen (D).

    Structural Planning: van Meijl Verhaegh, Maasbree (NL)

    aib Services: General Planning (LP HOAI 1-8), Building Management


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