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New Factory Building HIL

Operational Readiness Requires Assured Maintenance

The works of the army maintenance logistics operation, Heeresinstandsetzungslogis-tik GmbH (HIL), in Darmstadt is located on the site of the Starkenburg barracks and has the task of assuring the operational readiness of the German Army’s heavy tracked vehicles. The new building became necessary because the hangars previ-ously used had become technically obsolete in some cases. Even with a space re-duction of approx. 50 percent, the new building allows process optimisation, capacity increases and a substantial saving in operating costs.




Clear Situations through Clear Organisation

The construction project is also associated with a reorganisation of the barracks site. At the intersection of the two main traffic axes, the new building sets a clear statement in the centre of the barracks and, with its exposed concrete architecture, forms a clear, rectangular block with a floor area of over 14,000 m². The internal organisation is split into two areas. The main corridors of the building serve assembly and disassembly of vehicles and turrets, as well as the painting area. The height necessary for the cranes in this area is reflected in the exterior architecture as a mounted metal-clad cuboid. The smaller-scale functions like technical testing services, laboratories and workshops, as well as the communal rooms and offices are bundled in compact form along the length of the building.


Finding an Architectural Context

The handling of the heavy armoured tracked vehicles finds a context in the clarity of this elongated building and the gravity of the structure. The huge cuboid was erected in reinforced concrete. The facade consists of layered face concrete, which supports the sheer massivity – almost like cyclopean masonry. The openings, like windows and doors, are cut into the pattern of face concrete blocks.

  • Project Info

    Client: hbm Hessisches Baumanagement

    Location: Darmstadt

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 14,420 m²

    Primary Energy Requirement: 395 kWh/m²·a

    Team aib: Philippe Vernin, Bernd Vetter, Eveline Clemens-Wigger, Roland Schmidt, Manuela ter Jung

    aib Services: HOAI 1-2 for HIL, HOAI 3-9 for hbm




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