GIU Gesellschaft für Innovation und Unternehmensförderung

Saarterrassen – Conversion of the Burbach Smelting Works

Getting Development Going

After an in-depth analysis on the opportunities of commercialisation we designed an urban develop­ment master plan for the disused industrial site. Before construction commenced the contaminated sites were secured with our help and demolition began. We also carried out architectural design for some investors


Linking Urban Space

After the smelting works had been removed it beca­me possible to link the two districts of Burbach and Malstatt. We linked the new area to the outskirts with the existing buildings. This runs all the way onto the industrial premises which, in the meantime have been completely commercialised.


Using the Topography

Using zoning techniques we divided the hillside location into terraces. A green belt running through this breaks up the building development. We raised the height of the natural steps using multi-storey buildings of the highest architectural standard.


Diverse Appearance

In the eastern area, there are premises that accom­modate service providers. These hide the technology businesses that are located at the rear. We placed residential housing on the top terrace in the western area and going downhill there is a line of small trade businesses and at the bottom a DIY market. The main feature of the area is the cubical building EXPOMEDIA.

  • Project Info

    Client: GIU Gesellschaft für Innovation und Unternehmensförderung

    Location: Saarland (Federal State of Germany)

    Site Size: 54 hectares

    Team aib: Gerhard Karsten, Christophe Chatelet, Heinz-Günter Lang, Andreas Lutz, Axel Röder

    aib Services: Master Planning, Zoning Specifications, Infrastructure Planning, Landscaping


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