Integral Plant Planning, further Development Planning for Realisation of a Production

Setting New Standards

aib has been assisting in the development of the Ferrero plant in Stadtallendorf for over 20 years. The master planning in 1986 set new standards for any long-term development and in its basic lines has served as guidance for all building work at the site. This addressed the specific conditions of manufacturing foodstuffs with the high hygiene requirements associated with it.


Anchor Processes in the Master Plan

The integral capture of all plant functions led to the site being zoned into a production and a logistics area. In the centre of production is the social building, which is connected with all production buildings via a system of corridors. Building modules were developed for the production halls. Via the system developed in the master plan of automated gangways, the products are stored in the logistics centre at the site.

New Development Opportunities

The plant structure of the Ferrero site in Stadtallendorf has so far been divided into two plants by a public road. In 2008, the State of Hessen decided to realise a new bypass. With the updating of the master plan, the investigation into the future traffic and logistics flows and the new concept of the complete plant fencing with plant gates, aib has made new development opportunities visible for the site.

  • Project Info

    Client: Ferrero oHG mbH

    Location: Stadtallendorf

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen,

    Bernd-Günter Weiß, Robert Meyer-Pyritz,

    Manfred Loges, Michael Blank

    aib Services: Plant Development Planning, Property monitoring, Property planning


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