Entrance Gate West

Five Steps to Find the Form

The architectural appearance of the Entrance Gate West is based on the "box", that metallic cube as common raw material for industrial architecture.  In five steps, this raw material is manipulated into visible architecture. The manipulative steps follow the idea of "Core" and "Envelope". The Envelope, as an architectural analogy to the wrapping of the Ferrero Products, comprises a specially developed unique undulated aluminum siding in a light copper tone. The Core, that is developed as the brightly lit drive through center that comprises transparent glass and polycarbonate as well as brushed aluminum surfaces is a reference to the essential cleanliness in the food branche.

A New Departure

The structure of the Ferrero site in Stadtallendorf is divided in two by a public road. In 2008, the County of Hessen decided to realise a periphery road around part of the production site. From 2011 onwards, main traffic of over 700 vehicles will use the new periphery road and the new Entrance Gate West to access the Ferrero plant.



The Entrance Gate West comprises a clear interface between plant and surroundings. A weighing bridge is integrated in order to optimise the weighing process. The architecture of the Entrance Gate West builds a visual distinction that is based on the corporate philosophy of Ferrero.




BDA Hessen

Simon-Louis-du-Ry-Plakette 2013



pbb Architekturpreis 2012

Award Winner

  • Project Info

    Client: Ferrero oHG mbH
    Location: Stadtallendorf

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Bernd-Günter Weiß, Robert Meyer-Pyritz, Gordon Hoffmann, Eveline Clemens-Wigger

    aib Services: General Planning






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