Intelligently networked.




Experts agree: building has a digital future. The Building Information Modelling (BIM) planning method takes planning and building to a new level - simultaneously and sustainably networked.


The architects and engineers from aib are trusting in their own BIM Lab to ensure a successful design of this digital change. This taken the proven integrated way of working to a new level.


With BIM, an intelligent 3D model serves as a transparent platform for data exchange. Detailed information about every single structural component is networked simultaneously from the very outset and can be accessed by all project partners. With some decisive advantages for the planning and management of complex building projects: Conflicts between individual trades can be avoided from the word go. Planning processes are optimised to make the construction process as efficient as possible. Information and data that is relevant for the building's life cycle can be collected, combined and managed much easier than before. From the initial draft through to commissioning, the focus is on the joint success of the project.



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