City of Gelsenkirchen

Competition, EAU! Pumping station


EAU! defines four steps, so that a uniform and high-quality appearance is created in harmony with the anchor point of water culture. Those four steps are

- Structuring of the landscape

- Rearrangement of the buildings on the site

- Merging of the plant by a common roof

- Architecture and engineering.



One of the world’s longest subterranean sewers will be built as part of the renovation and restructuring of the Emscher System. This required a new pumping station in Gelsenkirchen. In the spring of 2005, aib (in cooperation with KLA Kiparlandschaftsarchitekten), one of 30 qualified teams of architects, was invited to take part in the architectural competition.


The Gelsenkirchen pumping station moves huge quantities of water through pipes lying deep underground. The pump shaft is almost completely dug in, invisible and thus “mysterious” – “building underground”.



  • Project Info

    Tenderer: City of Gelsenkirchen

    Location: Gelsenkirchen

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 2,400 m²

    Team aib: Pieter F. den Haan, Remzija Reintjes, Christof Nellehsen, Nicole Domogalla, Karsten Wiederhage, Clas Scheele

    aib Services: Usage Concept, Costs Analysis

    Cooperation Partner: KLA Kiparlandschaftsarchitekten


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