Expanding and optimising

Bray is an American company operating internationally that produces fittings and drives used industrially. The German operation is on a growth track, so the present rented spaces should be replaced by a new building capable of expansion. Together with GEPRO in Aachen, aib has developed a future-capable plant structure for the company and taken over the general planning for the building.


Production and administration in direct proximity

The production building and offices on the site form an integrated ensemble of buildings, whereby the two-storey office building is connected via various links directly with the production processes. The office concept consists of a combination of cell offices and larger group rooms, whereby value was attached to additional communication zones, meeting rooms and break areas. The facades support the open corporate culture sought. The entrance area extends across two storeys with a generous atrium and includes a conference area on the ground floor. The layout of the production building was developed for the three functional areas of warehouse, assembly and shipping to permit any expansion of those functional areas. Generous bands of windows create views to the outside in the assembly zones. The spatial fixed points of the technical and utilities supply, as well as the office and social spaces for shipping, were arranged such that they can also supply the future extension efficiently.





A greenfield factory

The site is situated within the context of the Fichtenhain area of Krefeld. The city’s zoning plan therefore requires high-quality landscaping measures and seepage of precipitation close to the surface. The drainage troughs were integrated in the design of the outdoor areas in the form of ponds and the car park was provided with a roof of trees throughout, which in addition to the required measures provides for shade and cooling at the office building in the summer.






New Office and Production building

  • Project Info

    Client: BRAY Armaturen & Antriebe Europa

    Location: Krefeld

    Gross Floor Area (GFA):

    Production 3,000 m²; Offices 1,300 m²

    Team aib: Pieter F. den Haan, Christof Nellehsen, Gordon Hoffmann, Georg Hahues, Elena Martinez-Marcos, Bin Yang

    aib Services: General Planning (until Lph 4)

    Cooperation Partner: Verheijen Smeets BNA Architecten, Venlo


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