Barmenia Versicherungen

Extension, Reconstruction and Redevelopment of Headquarters

Optimizing by Concentration

Within the outline of our new master plan, we developed a large scale structure to leave behind the cluttered and overcome facilities on the site. The gain of the complex scheme is the reduction of space requirement combined with a new quality of workplace. We cater for this through our architecture and project management.


Landmark for Wuppertal

The large office structure built on a slope is resting on a pedestal and consists of three parallel buildings. Into this pedestal of the overall structure we integrated parts of the existing facilities. The nine story tall buildings positioned perpendicular to the contours accentuate the undulating landscape.


Space Requirement

By locating the supporting structure of the building rows in the façade, each floor is free of columns along the entire width of 16,5 meters. For most efficient use of the office space, we designed a unique furniture system.


Deliberate Design

As future landmark of the valley, the material selected for building is decisive. We planned indigenous black basalt lava covering for the pedestal, the office buildings on these are contrasted by light-colored limestone.


Engineering Prize 2010

For the head office of Barmenia Versicherungen in Wuppertal, aib and the consulting engineers SchülkeWiesmann jointly won the German Engineering Prize 2010.

  • Project Info

    Client: Barmenia Krankenversicherung aG

    Location: Wuppertal

    Gross Floor Area: 42,000 m²

    Construction Costs: 130.0 million EUR

    Team aib: Kai-Uwe Lompa, Martin Linge, Dimosthenis Dassios (deceased), Oliver Keil, Philippe Vernin, Detlev Gather, Peter Wallaschek, Bernd Dohrmann, Waltraud Mühlhoff, Stefanie Marquardt, H.-G. Lang, Christian Bergmann, Achim Reichert

    aib Services: General Planning, Project Management






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