Airbus Deutschland

Development of a General Development Plan for the Bremen Location

Traditional Obligations

The Airbus-company looks back on a long tradition at their Bremen plane production location. A quality product such as a plane sets standards for the corporate culture as well as for the requirements of strategic decisions concerning future site development.


Integrated Approach

In an initial phase it was important to determine all the basics that influence a future  development. The question of a site concept within an urban development provided an impetus for ideas like an on-site science center or supplier parks. Arbitration between the interests of the local economy and the State as well as an interest in urban development became a major task, leading to constructive cooperation with all parties concerned.

Disciplinary Action and Organization

In a second phase versions of the structural concept were devised according to project goals and prerequisites. A priority for all versions was the imminent new development of the A400M production facility, a logistics center and a possible route for the new A281 motorway, which was included in an urban development plan as a part of the Airbus site. Crucial to the new quality of the site structure was the introduction of a plant structure grid. This grid enabled disciplinary action on structuring the spaces into segments, allowing for a stringent organization of the traffic routes and an ideal incorporation of the building volumes.

  • Project Info

    Client: Airbus Deutschland GmbH

    Location: Bremen

    Gross Floor Area (GFA): 438,000 m²

    Estimated Construction Costs: 200.0 million EUR

    Team aib: Bernd Heukelbach, Uwe Jobs, Richard Lieschke, Remzija Reintjes

    aib Services: Development of a General, Basic Estimates for the Cost of Investment, Recommendations on Building Standards, Visualization of Building Segments in a 3D Model.

    Cooperation Partner: agiPlan F&L GmbH


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