Feasibility Study Crassier Ehlerange


Designing the Conversion

The Ehlerange slag heap is one of the areas located in the south of Luxembourg that has been closed down by the company ARBED. Along with the beacon project Belval, the development of Ehlerange will renovate the residential area around Esch and contribute to the structural change in the region by offering a first-class range of residential and business quarters.


Capitalizing on the Strengths of the Location

The results of the economic analysis proved that there are opportunities for high-quality commercialisation. According to the target industries as well as the research done by the newly-founded university, the emphasis is on the high-technology and metal industries. The good road access and attractive landscape will be utilised.


Extending the Landscape

The concept has been developed to include the existing and historical characteristics of the landscape. The value as a landmark, the topographic layering from the time of its use as a slag heap and the historical landscape of flood plains and marsh land are combined to form the image of "pile to park".


Drawing on Urban Forces

A disused place - the slag heap is developed so that everything is integrated. Foot and cycle paths in the green area of the park are linked to the surrounding residential areas. Belval is also

included in this wide green belt. The town areas near the motorway exit in the south are designed with artificial landscaping elements and water creating new accessible routes to the town

of Esch and the renaturation area of Dippach.


  • Project Info

    Client: agora s.à.r.l. et cie, secs société de développement, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg

    Location: Ehlerange, Luxemburg

    Site Size: 68 hectares

    Team aib: Christof Nellehsen, Stefan Kühn, Heinz-Günter Lang, Remzija Reintjes, Michael Weinmann

    aib Services: Economic Site Analysis, Market Analysis, Urban Feasibility Study

    Cooperation Partner: Knoll Ökoplan GmbH


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